simply tomato sauce


Simplest sauce ever.. and this method yields silky, no seed, no fuss tomato sauce!

1, 2 3… however many pounds of super ripe tomatoes you want to process!

Make a cross cut on bottom of each tomato. make sure you remove any bruised areas that maybe too deteriorated.


in a big stock pot with about an inch or two of water bring to a boil. the steam will soften the skins, no need to waste gallons of water or spend an hour bringing it to a boil.

remove the skins, I dumped the tomatoes in my sink and let them cool off for a few minutes. cut the stem part off including white flesh near it. mash them with your hand inside the big pot. hand blend until liquified.


strain tomato juice to remove all the seeds. this is the easiest way I know for doing this. it will take less than a few minutes. way faster than seeding them by hand which is a bit wasteful too.


lay skins on silpads and dry in the oven until crispy, low temperature if you don’t want to brown them. you can roast them a bit too, up to you. eventually you can make a powder in the spice grinder and add it to the sauce, adds flavor and color.


bring strained tomato juice to a boil for cooking and reducing, reduce until thick and awesome. about an hour and a half. mix your skin powder.