cheese whiz!

this recipe yields a silky and smooth cheese sauce of your favorite cheddar cheese, or goat cheese, or pretty much any cheese…. or does it? experimentation should help us determine that, but this is a pretty good start:

140g cheddar
130g whole milk
5.5g sodium citrate

Tried this from the mac&cheese recipe posted on the modernist cuisine site This encyclopedia on food and cooking, food technology and creativity is simply the best for anyone seriously interested in food and understanding the science behind it.

I gotta work on my photo skills, but you get the idea. Combine the milk and the sodium citrate bring to a gentle simmer, so they mix entirely, then add the grated cheese and allow for the cheese to melt, mix well with an immersion blender, I used my aerolatte milk frother which worked out great, since I was making a much smaller quantity of the original recipe.