Christmas Brioche (Pan de Jamon Variant)

I had to post about this stuffed roll again, because it’s so awesome, I just have to, so… using leftover dough from the Trenzas de Brioche recipe, I made this during Thanksgiving day before the turkey madness started. I still think this brioche stuffed roll was the best dish that day, and it was the quickest to make, well, I didnt have to deal with the dough, which kept great in the freezer, and kept rising after defrosting.

Baking time… until it smelled awesome, about 35mins. Kept the bread crust moist by spraying water into the oven a couple of times the first 10-15 mins of baking at 420f until oven spring was looking good, then let it bake until golden.

Using the same ingredients (those used in Pan de Jamon) to lay over the dough, here are a few pics of how that process goes:

This is a tiny brioche bread I made with the leftover dough: