The misunderstood squid ink pasta


DO NOT JUDGE BY ITS LOOKS. That’s the first and only thing to consider when it comes to this amazing pasta. Yes, it has squid ink in it, but there is nothing wrong with that… that defense mechanism is one tasty weapon, mildly briny. Light notes of ocean-ness, perfect for seafood themed pasta feasts. I hope to see this ingredient become more standard in restaurants and supermarkets. I have been seeing squid ink pasta recipes flourish during Halloween times, because it looks so “scary” I guess… although fun that seems a bit restrictive. Squid ink pasta or rice anytime!!!!


Stand Mixer with hook attachment.
Pasta machine.
Pasta cutter or knife.
Clothe hangers? (for drying)


400g “OO” flour.
3 eggs.
60g squid ink.
A pinch of salt.


In the stand mixer bowl, mix everything.
Develop gluten. Adjust moisture (by adding water) or flour as needed.
Once dough looks and feels right, let rest. Shouldn’t be sticky.
Let rest for about 20 minutes.
Cut in 4 or 5 pieces.
Roll each piece out before processing in the pasta machine.
Allow sheets to dry slightly before cutting, about 10-15 minutes.
Cut and allow cut pasta to dry before braiding nests, about 10-15 minutes. Shouldn’t be sticky.
Finish drying on a dehydrator or at room temperature overnight.


To avoid the pasta nests sticking, make sure to give the noodles enough time to dry before braiding. Also, be generous with flour/cornmeal/cornstarch to the noodles to make sure they never stick. Once the nests are dry, tap them to remove the excess powder. If you braid the nests too early, and the pasta still to moist, they will blend together and when thrown in the boiling water, they will just become one sticky mess.