Spinach-Radish-Hearts of Palm-Avocado Salad with Lime Vinaigrette


I’m definitely not a salad person, eating them at restaurants has exposed  me to  3 things which don’t help my aversion, you can get them smothered in cheese (usually parmesan, gorgonzola or feta), smothered in weird and bland or extremely rich dressings, or perhaps get neither, the most boring pile of green anyone has seen. I’m talking about salads found at some of the usual places people go to for lunch breaks. End of rant.

Anyways, yeah, so not so much into salads… although not entirely true, I love the russian potato salad my grandma used to make and my mom still makes during christmas time and seafood salads are the best. Lately, work life has taken over everything and overtime catered food sucks, so I’ve been craving simpler food, light and fresh, tasty and clean. Anyways, here’s a quick recipe for a spinach salad, I’m sure there are tons of recipes like this, nothing here will make cuisine history, but I just grabbed a few things at the store and made this about 10 minutes and really loved it so documented it:


Cutting board
Knife of course
Can opener
Mixing bowl


(serves 1 or 2 people of similar normal eating capacity)
(use the force to come up with quantities if you want precision)

Some radishes, crispy firm and spicy
2-3 fists full of Spinach
A few hearts of palms canned
Half an avocado, sliced a few times, sprayed with lime.
Some parmesan shavings
A pinch or two of maldon salt
Some lime juice
Some extra virgin olive oil to dress greens
A few bacon crispy bits



01: slice radishes in rounds about 1/4 inch thick.
02: slice hearts in 1/2 inch batons, or whatever size you prefer.
03: Mix using hands: spinach with some olive oil, salt and lime juice.
04: you can add some parmesan shavings as well and keep mixing.
05: add the hearts, and the radishes to the bowl and mix as well.
06: Add the avocado slices.
07: Add bacon bits.
08: plate, drizzle some olive oil over it. Add parmesan shavings.
09: Add some salt.