Give Chicken Liver Pâté a Chance! pistachios and duck fat edition


Ok, it’s been probably 2 weeks without posting a thing… actually what I’m posting tonight I made a few days ago but never had the chance to document it, luckily it got better spending some fridge time which tends to happen with rich complex flavors. Work has been taking up all of my time and energy, long hours and blah blah blah…I could rant forever but I won’t.  Anyways, I had some time the other night and I made something I’ve really really liked since I was a kid although I’ve never actually had it home made when growing up, chicken liver pâté.. I know… lots of “yuck” faces… maybe? It’s probably not for everyone, but those who like it, love it and this particular recipe has a couple of additions and  I’ve used my immersion circulator to set the eggs and not overcook a thing! The addition of roasted pistachios for texture plus nutty accents and the richness of duck fat makes this one a very rich and delicate product.  And yes, serving it with cranberry jelly, the balance is quite awesome. I really liked it… like I couldn’t stop eating this thing but I had to so I could blog it!


1 roasting pan
1 immersion circulator or
1 contraption for a bain marie setup *
1 sheet of tin foil to line roasting pan
1 wooden/silicon spoon
1 food processor
1 cutting board
1 knife
1 oven at 500f

Ingredients (some mise en place):

chicken liver 500g
port wine 50 ml (about 1/4 cup)
duck fat 2 tbsp for roasting livers, 2 tbsp to process
roasted pistachios 150g, oven roasted (about 10 mins at 500f)
eggs 3 whole eggs
shallots 3 medium, medium dice (too thin will burn in oven)
heavy cream… 50ml to process
maldon salt and pepper to taste


01: line roasting pan with tin foil.
02: add 2 tbsp of duct fat, if firm, place in oven until it melts
03: wash and rinse chicken livers well, dry with paper towel
04: place livers and shallots in roasting pan, coat with duck fat, add some salt
05: roast for about 20 minutes to a nice golden finish, shallots should caramelize a bit too
06: do not overcook, livers are very easy to overcook, we want the inside a bit on the pink side
07: remove from oven and let cool
08: mix roasted livers/shallots fat and juices in a food processor
09: add roasted pistachios
10: add 2 tbsp of duck fat… more fat!
11: add heavy cream
12: add port
13: add eggs
14: process until smooth and creamy, shouldn’t be runny nor too thick
15: vacuum seal paste in plastic baggies.
16: place baggies in a preheated water bath at 66c for 20 to 30 mins, eggs will thicken
17: place baggies in fridge, refrigerate overnight
18: serve with cranberry jelly on toasted bread.


* If you don’t have an immersion circulator, a simple bain marie will do the trick. place the pate in a ramekin dish, place the ramekin dish on a roasting pan, fill with water until level reaches half the height of the ramekin dish, place in oven, at 350f until set. You could monitor the temperature which I recommend, until pâté is about 66c or 150f. Should be about half hour, 45 mins.