5 min easy flaky pie crust? I say yes.


I’ve been playing with flour and butter for some time now. I had recently attempted a take on blue cheese and raisins gougères, it was quite a disaster honestly, don’t tell anyone. What you can tell everyone is that boiling some water, melting some butter and adding some flour while stirring really really fast can get you a very quick pie crust of sorts.


Yes, this is the base for making pate au choux, prior to adding the eggs and stirring in the cheese if making gougères. The whole process will take less than 10 minutes… I know I said 5, I’m sure if you move really fast you can make it happen, but less than 10 minutes for a quick flaky pie crust? no mess too, no flour all over the kitchen, you dont even use your hands, that ain’t so bad, right? I used this flaky pie crust to encase a delicious beef stew, should do a decent job at beef wellington too:




and to make quick palmieres which I’ll cover in somewhat more detail here or you can visit my previous post if you want to experience the pain of making them for real.  The ratios I’ve given could be adjusted. I would like to invert the water and butter ratio for a richer product that bakes faster. I’ll report back when I have a test worth sharing. Enough talk, here’s how you make this:


small or medium pot
silicon spatula
oven at 375f
cutting board
knife or pastry cutter
parchment paper
baking rack


100% water
40% butter
60% AP flour
pinch of salt


01: boil water
02: melt butter in the boiling water, keep the butter emulsified, stir
03: remove from heat and add flour and mix with spatula until a paste forms
04: should pull away from the pot, let cool
05: wrap in plastic and place in fridge
06: best if used the next day, but a good 20 minute rest should do
07: roll out into thin sheets 2mm think and you are in business

boiling water, drop butter in, stir, keep it emulsified! not as hard as it sounds, just stir.
extreme pastry skills used here, roll your dough over some sugar, make sure lots of sugar penetrate the dough, and shape the palmiers
cut the palmieres, place these bad boys on some parchment paper
bake until awesome, about 15 mins, but I didn’t time it, I checked after 10 minutes.

hope you enjoyed it and found this useful in your future pie baking adventures.