Tortilla Española : Onion : Potato : Fennel : Parsley


I have been meaning to write a better post about this dish which I grew up eating. It’s a classic tapas food in any spanish restaurant or cafe.  I have added fennel and some parsley to the mix just to spice things up a bit, it works really well with the onions and the potatoes, but you could omit them and keep the recipe pure and traditional. If you decide to skip the fennel, use twice the onions so your final egg mixture is still well balanced. Also, like in any egg dish, gentle heat and patience will yield the best results. Here’s what you do: 



medium skillet (I used my cast iron one)
non-stick small or medium pan
knife and chopping board
bowls for prepping ingredients



1 large russet potato
1/2 large onion
1/2 fennel bulb  (equal parts onion and fennel basically)
4 eggs
2 tbsp finely chopped parsley (chop right before using)
kosher salt to taste
olive oil or vegetable oil



01: beat eggs in a bowl, let rest to room temperature
02: chop potato, onion, fennel, medium dice, place in bowl, mix up
03: heat up a skillet to low medium, add oil to coat the bottom
04: sweat vegetables until softened. Stirring is essential. about 15 minutes
05: while doing this, add pinches of salt and taste for doneness and flavor
06: when the potatoes are soft, remove from the heat
07: at this point the fennel and onion should be cooked
08: some caramelization is a good thing
09: mix vegetables with eggs in the bowl, add parsley
10: mix well using a fork or spatula, adjust salt again
11: non stick pan on low heat, add egg mixture
12: let cook undisturbed for about 7-8 minutes
13: with a spatula, check that eggs arent browning too much at the bottom
14: stick your finger in the middle of the omellete and check doneness
15: your finger shouldn’t be able to go deeper than a third of the thickness
16: at this point is time to flip the tortilla, I used the cutting board *
17: place cutting board over pan, place your had over the board, and flip
18: the tortilla should rest on the cutting board, slide it back into the pan, slowly
19: this can be a bit messy  if the tortilla wasn’t cooked enough, practice makes perfect
20: cook for another 2 minutes or so, remove from heat
21: slice tortilla out of the pan onto a plate, let rest for 5 minutes



* The tricky part to making this omelette is the flipping of it, because we want it thick the surface of it wont cook until it’s flipped, and since we’re using the entire area of the pan, there is room for maneuvering… I know, this is the traditional recipe, and I wanted this post to stick to the traditions, so no water baths or other tricks here today. I grab my cutting board which isn’t big, just big enough to cover the diameter of the pan, you could use a flat plate or something similar, they even sell special pans with 2 bottoms this this one. Anyways, with confidence, press the board against the pan, and quickly flip the pair so that the pan ends on top of the board, some liquid might spill, you should probably do this over the sink. The tortilla will be on the board at this point, slide it back into the pan slowly, and place the pan back on the stove and finish cooking… will probably take a few trials before you’re comfortable doing this.