Merry Christmas : Happy Holidays : Best Wishes and a Great Year 2014


I will probably not be blogging in the next few days (hopefully I can sneak one more post before this year is over). In any case, I wanted to say hello to my friends and wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year and thank you all for supporting this cooking blog (that cooking blog I guess) and with whom I’ve had a blast interacting with, exchanging ideas with, talking about cooking and photography with, and learning lots and lots from.

I took this photo the other day and I’ve been wanting to use a pomegranate in some recipe just so I can share it because I really like it, but I give up (since, I’ve learned how to properly seed a pomegranate, not this “silence of the lambs” homage). The holiday colors are all in there, right? maybe not the holiday theme with reindeers and happy snowmen with carrot noses, because it does look like a crime scene instead, or maybe, just maybe it is an explosion of nostalgia over this crazy year that’s ending, and the anticipation over a new one which hopefully will be better than the last. I prefer this cheesy version. Β It really was just me making a mess in the kitchen though.