Geoduck Sashimi : Green Onions : Shanxi Vinegar : Chili Oil


Geoduck. I wish it looked more like a duck, seriously. The process of cleaning and prepping this giant clam is probably what an alien dissection must be like. Its appearance resembles, well… I don’t need to get all explicit here, the photos tell the story pretty well… But let’s talk about the positive aspects of this ugly fellow, or the one aspect that makes this thing totally worth experiencing. It’s simply delicious. The price is ridiculous though. About $30 per pound, and they are around 3 pounds on average, but pretty good yield. One geoduck can make 5-6 appetizer size portions. Requires no cooking and no seasoning. A wonderful savory flavor and awesome texture.


Geoduck can be hard to find and can be seen on menus at some high-end restaurants. Here in Vancouver, I found live geoducks at the t&t supermarket  which isn’t a surprise. If edible, they’ll have it. It’s an insane and wonderful place. Ok, my favorite cooking season of the year is here and this is probably not the right recipe to kick it off with but I work with what I have! There will be stews and roasts coming up soon for sure. Time for some geoduck action! (that just sounds wrong…)


Ingredients (6 appetizer servings):

1 live and fresh geoduck
1 bunch of green onions or chives
Shanti vinegar or tamari and rice vinegar
Chili oil
lemon juice


The preparation is rather simple. Just boil water in a big pot and ready up an ice bath. Plunge the geoduck in the boiling water for about 2 minutes. Remove with tongs. Plunge the geoduck in the ice water immediately. And it’s done. This is the simplest way to instantly kill the clam and loosen the tough skin that covers it. Crack the shell open, and using a sharp knife remove the clam from the shell. Pull the skin off. Here’s a video that shows the whole process if you’re interested.


You can slice the geoduck and plate it at this point. And that’s basically it!!. Until the next one!