Standard Omelette and Canned Sardines : Roasted Leek



Ahmm… yes, It finally happened. A canned product on this blog. I have zero problems with that. I love canned food. It is frowned upon, right? I know that in some places it’s actually well respected and quite a treat. Spain for example has a canning industry that is famous worldwide and extremely popular to locals as well. Their canned seafood is super high quality stuff. When I get canned food at the store, whenever possible, I try to get the stuff imported from Spain or Italy, they just know what they’re doing, period.  I love sardines. Not everybody does. Canned sardines in tomato sauce.. canned heaven. Canned octopus, canned chapirones, canned cod, canned anything. Ah! all so good! ok, stop me. 



The dish on this post doesn’t really require an ingredient list. Let’s just say eggs are so versatile they go well with pretty much anything you wanna throw at them including sardines from a can. And since I love eggs and canned sardines, nothing this is what I put together. There’s a grilled leek in there as well courtesy of the previous’ night grilling session. The total cost of this dinner was probably a few bucks per person… but I could eat this every day forever and ever.  So… if you happen to like these ingredients, and you feel comfortable making scrambled eggs or omelettes, give this a try. It’s the cheapest way to get a piece of awesomeness.


Short post tonight. Gotta get me some rest. I have a big backlog of posts I’m working my way through slowly. I will catch up eventually but not tonight. Over and out!