Sirloin Tip Sous Vide 53.3C 24h


Grilling season is here. Deep frying season is also here, at least in my house. I just got a deep fryer.  I can’t express how happy I am that I did. I should have done this years ago. I cook a lot of meat at home and I like a good sear on it. I usually rely on my cast iron pans and lots of oil to do the job. The smoke, smoke detectors going off all the time…  and the oil splatter drives me nuts… the cleaning, the nightmare… but that’s just a bad memory now. Deep frying is all I’ll be doing from now on when I need to sear any meat. Deep fryers have a bad reputation in the world of healthy eating I guess. I’m gonna disagree. I think some of the foods cooked in a deep fryer could definitely be on the unhealthy side but I couldn’t blame deep fryers for making them unhealthy any more than I would a pan and some oil. Deep frying meat is not that different from pan frying it or pan searing it, same basics, get oil hot enough to brown it quick. More or less the same amount of oil will end up on the meat anyways and you can always remove the excess with paper towels. Meat is mostly water (about 70%), and really bad at absorbing fat which is great.


Sirloin tip, not to be confused with top sirloin. Sirloin tip tastes like top sirloin but it’s a lot tougher. Probably too tough to be cooked rare, the way you would a top sirloin steak for example.  The result would just be too tough.    Sous vide is the only way around this issue, otherwise you’d get tough meat or overcooked meat. I don’t like either. By allowing meat to cook slowly at a low temperature, the required breaking down of connective tissue takes place and the final ideal doneness is achieved,  rare for this recipe. I love this stuff.  I love how sous vide cooking can transform protein. Amazing texture, amazing colour. And then….  I deep fried the whole thing and it was awesome.

This is the end result of that long sous vide bath. Doesn’t look all that attractive, but it’s literally 5 mins away from sexiness.



Ingredients (Serves about 1 or 2 hungry guys):

Sirloin tip, 2lb


Cooking the sirloin tip.  Rub with salt generously and allow to rest in the fridge overnight. The next day. Place the meat in a plastic bag. Vacuum seal or not… I just get most of the air out of the baggie via water displacement and add some vegetable oil. Cook sous vide at 53.3C for 24 hours. Remove from the bag. Pat it dry with paper towels. Deep fry at 375F or hotter (if your deep fryers allows it) for about 5 mins. Allow to rest before slicing, like 10 mins. Serve. Done. That’s it.

sexier, have fun!