Boneless Pork Center Loin Cut Sous Vide 136F 6h : Mirin and Garlic Marinade 12h


I didn’t even want to eat this thing it looked so damn pretty. I ate it of course, it’s pork. Awesome roast..well, a roast of sorts. Having to roast in the oven or in a grill is fun and I love it with all the inaccuracies involved, they still yield delicious results. In the 80F degree weather, this approach isn’t so lovely anymore. My tiny apartment heats up so easily. The radiation from the sun alone can heat the place up above 80F (I have an AC unit now, tiny portable one thanks to my land lady,  and that helps but still) Running the oven would be suicidal. Sous vide comes to the rescue.

Roasts don’t require a lot of temperature to cook, in fact, most animal protein can be cooked roughly around the 122F-140F degree range with some exceptions. That range is bellow what conventional ovens can deliver anyways.  The nice browning on the outside crust is the catch. Sous vide can’t give you that. That requires a great deal of heat, specially if you wanna achieve it quickly.  That can be easily done by searing, grilling, torching or in this case, deep frying.


Anyways, quick post today. Super easy recipe actually. The title is the recipe basically. I marinated the pork overnight in some minced garlic, salt about a cup of mirin wine which is super sweet and delicious. If you ever had kakuni this will sound familiar. Mirin will help with the caramelization of the crust too because of the high sugar content. Ok, let me write this down in the form of a recipe:


3-4 pound Boneless Pork Center Loin Cut
1 C Mirin wine
3 Tbsp of garlic.
3 Tbsp kosher salt.


Marinade. For 12 hour at least. I placed all the ingredients in the sous vide bag overnight. That’ll do the trick.

Sous Vide. Rinse the pork cut well and remove the marinade from the bag. Place the pork cut back in the bag. Vacuum seal. Water displacement method works just fine. Cook @ 136F for 6h.

Deep fry. … or sear or torch. For a few minutes until the surface looks amazing. Allow to rest before slicing the meat. I actually deep-fried the meat cold from the fridge. Extra warranty that the core is protected from the infernal heat being applied on the outside. If you want to make sure the meat is warm before serving. Place it back in the sous vide back, and stick it in the water bath for a good 10 minutes at the same temperature you cooked it. That should do it. I used this type of roast as a cold cut though. Works great.

enjoy the weekend!