Sous Vide Lamb Shank and Sour Spinach Coulis. 12h 72h 55C


Somehow managed to escape the gruelling office hours just before I totally ran out of whatever positive emotional energy  I had left in me. This will be a quick post. I have to go back into hiding before anyone finds me. So… Lamb shanks. Yeah! that’s exciting stuff right? The easiest thing in the world too. The catch is, it requires patience. Weather you are cooking it the traditional way or a using more modernist approach, the patience factor will be there because it takes a long time. Well, I don’t know.. I used to think of it that way. Patience… I’m actually gonna disagree with myself here. Patience has nothing to do with cooking things that takes hours to make. It’s just a simple matter of planning. It’s not like you can’t order a pizza while you wait. I don’t sit by my immersion circulator for 72 hours pacing up and down the kitchen starving to death. Life goes on as it normally does and 3 days later I somehow remember there was some plastic bag with something in it that required a long cooking time in a water bath. I switch the thing off and it’s done. No sweat. No Patience. By the way… spoiler alert: Medium rare and falling off the bone all at the same time. Just saying. 

Cooking something for 1, 2, 3+ days might be shocking to some people. If you had asked me about this 5 years ago I would have felt the same way. I would have gone “forget it, that’s nuts, who does that?!, where’s that pizza hut number”. Today, I just don’t see how it could be done better any other way. But enough about this sous vide propaganda.  If you ever try this or any of the sous vide recipes on this blog, you will come to see things my way. 😉

Ingredients (for 1 lamb shank, simple math if you wanna make more):

The Shank!:

1 Lamb Shank bone in.
1 Tbsp Kosher Salt

Sour Spinach Coulis:

200g Fresh Baby Spinach
1/2 Cup White Wine Vinegar.
1/2 Cup EVO
Salt and Pepper to taste.

The brining of the shanks. Place the shank(s) in a plastic container, sprinkle the salt all over it. Make sure it’s coated on all sides. Seal the container. Place in the fridge for 24h. Rinse in cold running water. Place the shank in a ziplock bag. Add some vegetable oil to the bag or some water. Make sure there are no air pockets around the shank. Seal the ziplock bag. Cook for 72 hours at 55C. Dry the shank with paper towels. Deep-fry for a couple of minutes until golden brown. Remove from the deep fryer. Reserve.

The mysterious spinach coulis. As simple as putting all the ingredient in a blender and blending until mega smooth. It’s basically like making a blended chimichurri. I did eye-ball the measurements here, so proceed with caution. You might need more of this or less of that. Just try to keep the vinegar/oil ration about 50/50 just for connivence. Use your senses to adjust it to your liking.


The rest is history. Seriously. There was nothing left. And I got nothing more to say about this.  Good night guys!