Top Sirloin And Octopus




Year is almost over and thanksgiving day is here in a couple of days! I have been insanely busy at work to spend any time in the kitchen. Haven’t gone grocery shopping in what seems like forever. This has to end. Well, It will eventually end. Not soon enough though.


With the lack of personal time, the need to recycle my own memories becomes a necessity. Today I’m posting photos I took a long time ago but never really blogged them. It really isn’t a recipe. At the time I was just playing with lighting and plating ideas and took these. Pan seared top sirloin and a canned octopus from spain.



The parsley and radishes are home grown. Ah, now I remember, this was during this summer and my plants were doing so well. Can’t wait to have the time to grow plants all year round. The only survivor from that batch is the tough nasturtium plant. That thing doesn’t care about this cold Vancouver weather. At least it hasn’t yet but it’s about to get a lot colder. Time to bring my friend inside  the house I guess. Anyways, happy Monday!





I’ll be back soon.