Beef Brisket Sous Vide. 48h Marinade. 32h 57C


Cooking beef brisket is big deal in the US. A really big deal actually. There are competitions and stuff. Everybody gathers with their families, and their smokers and their secret dry rub recipes and whatnots and spend beautiful summer days on football fields cooking delicious meat that resemble works of art. It’s amazing stuff really. Maybe this beef brisket madness extends to other countries in the world, I honestly don’t know.


What I do know is that you can make a heavenly good one at home. I don’t have a smoker, and until I get one, my brisket recipes will rely on either liquid smoke or no smokey flavour period. It’s ok.  I will eventually get one. But not tonight. Tonight I will just write about the extremely happy accident that this was. 

Ingredients (makes about 6 servings. Time: about 4 days mostly idle):

3 pound beef brisket
2 Tbsp Hoisin sauce
2 Tbsp Fish sauce
2 Tbsp Kosher salt
2 Tbsp Minced garlic
2 Cups Mirin wine


This carnivore sous vide recipe, just like most could be summarized in 3 sentences.

1. Combine all the ingredients in a plastic container shake well and allow to rest in your fridge for 48 hours undisturbed.
2. Discard marinade and add the brisket to a plastic ziplock bag with some vegetable oil, remove all the air and cook at 57C for 32 hours.
3. Remove brisket from the baggie and sear on all side on a really hot skillet or deep fry at 375F for 2 minutes like I did.





that’s all I got. Enjoy.