Meat and Potatoes. Sous vide brisket. Baby creamer potatoes. Baby kale Salad.


9:07PM. For whatever reason today I remembered the worst accidents I’ve had in my kitchen in the last 4 years. I don’t want to forget them I guess. They taught me a lot. I can recall at least 4 relevant ones:

Three stitches on my left forearm. Cleaning dishes. Plate slipped from my soapy hands. My reflex was to catch it. I crushed it against the sink with my hand. One of the shards punctured my arm. Blood everywhere. Drove myself to the ER. 3 hours of waiting. They finally patched me up. Cost me over a thousand dollars of copay. That’s insurance. God bless America.

Chef knife puncture on my left leg shin. Washing dishes. Again.. now you know why I hate it so much. Dropped knife. Jumped back to distance myself from it. I didn’t want it going through my shoe. Didn’t jump back far enough. Knife lands on its butt. I land on the knife tip. Bone stops knife from going deeper. Blood everywhere. Literally. This time,  f#$% ER. I patch myself up.

Second degree burn. Maybe third. Pots have been in the oven for 3 hours at 500F. I’m not roasting anything. I’m drying silica gel crystals. I like keeping my closest dry. Take the pots out of the oven. Turn around. Get distracted doing some cleaning. Turn back. Hold and lift the heavy pot from the counter. My own skin sizzles now. Put down the pots on the counter. Feel on of my hand nerves go numb. Stick my hand in cold running water. Reach for some ice in the freezer while my hand still submerged in cold water. Add some ice. Pain is intolerable outside the water. I was stuck there for a good hour until the pain was manageable. Cover my hand in vaseline. Walked to the pharmacy. Couldn’t drive. Buy some stuff. Patch myself up. Take some iPhone pics of my mummy hand. F#$% ER.

Kitchen fire. Deep-frying. Over the stove. Pot has too much oil. I don’t remember what I’m making then but pot overflows. Within a second. Fire everywhere. I’m ok with fire. I’m not ok with the amount of black smoke that fills my apartment in a second. All smoke alarms go off. The bottom of all my white cabinet, are now black. I take the burning pot to the sink and throw on the lid. Fire’s out now. My kitchen is a disaster. Spend hours trying to clean this mess.


Today nothing like this happened. Actually it has been a couple of years since my last kitchen accident and I hope that stays that way for all of eternity. I’m very careful nowadays when I do dishes. I have a proper deep fryer and I definitely grab all metallic pots and pans with a dry towel no matter what.


Today is meat and potato day for me. After the sous vide brisket success I decided to make a simple lunch and enjoy it accompanied with some of my favorite things. Potatoes and Kale. I was also very short on time, so I kept it super basic. Pressure cooked baby creamer potatoes in about half an inch of really salty water. And made a quick kale salad with almond oil and rice vinegar. For the potatoes. Don’t peel them. And cook for about 8 mins after the pressure cooker has reached 15 psi. Allow them to rest. Don’t serve them right away or they will dry out (they steam all the water off). Let them rest in the pressure cooker vessel for about 10 mins.


I’m signing off now. Good night!