First Production Meeting : Horror Film Making : Sardines… I know.

Title: Tango Rodeo Productions

Number of talents: 1-3, 7 in total

Setting: The Woods, or somebody’s apartment.

Time period: present.

Running Time:

Budget: 10K CAD

Movie References:

Blair Witch. Realistic acting. Documentary style camera work. Audience never sees the threat. It’s all in your head. Genius.

Paranormal Activity. Realistic acting. Documentary style camera work. You see the threat but it’s nature is unpredictable.

It follows.

Poltergeist. Use of childhood fear. The thing underneath the bed. Dreamlike running in place, anxiety.

The Ruins: the fear of not knowing why

Touristas: the fear of not being familiar with your surroundings

Scene References

The Ring: opening sequence is well thought out and helps build up the tension.

Dawn of the Dead (Zack Synder): opening sequence

Insidious: move into the new house, unpacking boxes by herself and she just walks outside and you can see as the camera tracks the inside of the house, and the music starts and then the kid starts running around.

Scene Ideas

Craig and Erin are strangers who are both under train tracks; Erin lost a gold bracelet earlier that day which she got from her Mom before she died, she is searching for something valuable to her, she is a good person who is about to have something bad happen. Craig is hiding there on purpose, don’t know why, he is white and is pretending to be in shock. When Erin tries to talk to Craig, he mouth breathes. Cabiria is up waiting for Erin up at the top of the tracks. Only Craig emerges from underneath.

Plot Ideas

use misdirection/twist

Western Horror film…. our producer is saying this idea might be expensive…. next. Honestly not a bad idea.

Sardines/Reverse Hide’n’Seek

Edger Allen Poe Story: Two friends. One friend is a sailor on a boat and the friend did not get the job. Sneak the friend onto the boat and hide him away for three days. The hatch can only be opened from the outside. Three days come and go…no friend. He finally opens the door and gets inside the room with him as there has been a mutiny on the boat.

Flush out Sardines 

a group of mid thirty-somethings, someone’s 40th, wine trip weekend away, dancing bear whilst drinking, then they have the idea to play sardines, this game is familiar as some are childhood friends and have played it many a time.

who is the killer? how do they die? how many die? why?

gas chamber/mental hospital

Action Items: To before Wednesday July 29th

Test shoot of Craig and Erin scene

Bring a moment to film – flushed out as much as you can

Everyone watch High Tension